The Solid Brush Soap Set

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Simbi Wickliffe
Worth the hype

My use of makeup is very very basic but I do use foundation, concealer, a bronzer, blush and eye shadow. I tend to go through a number of brushes by the end of the week as I have sensitive skin so if the brushes have been used a few times, I break out in a rash. So clean brushes are a must for me. I have used the non-rinse mineral cleaners which are good but you need to use a lot and it’s not cheap. I have used the high street / drug store version which worked well but is such a faff with getting the brushes clean and is a definite no for use with sponges - the foam never leaves. I have even tried the pillow case in the washing machine hack. Again good but brushes come don’t come out super clean. Enter this solid brush soap. OMG - I love it. Firstly the smell is divine. I have all 3 and they all smell lovely. Then just as Joy shows in her videos it’s just so easy to use. Gentle on the brushes and no need for the handles to get soaked. Also don’t get me started on how well they work on sponges - just swipe and swish. Can you tell already that I don’t plan to use anything else? One happy customer

What a lovely review! Thank you so much Simbi!

Carol MacInnes
Solid brush soap set.

I bought this set for part of my daughter's Christmas presents.
So I can't actually review it myself. It looks beautiful and I am pretty sure she will love it.

Thank you Carol!


Excellent products as always.


I have used these brush soaps for a while now, but couldn’t resist this bag when I saw it on Joy’s IG stories. It’s beautiful; the colour is cheery, it’s soft and holds a lot. This is now my makeup bag and I love it!

Thank you so much!!!