The Foundation Helpers

The Foundation Helpers go one step further than the brushes from the core collection. Brushes are built with tighter packed bristles and a wider brush surface area, which allows for extra product application, saving you precious time in the process.


Created and designed by Multiple Award Winning Pro Makeup Artist and Industry Expert - Joy Adenuga.

My mission is to provide customers with the tools they need to transcend the idea of beauty with innovative brushes, accessories, and more. Finding tools that work with all types of products can be a massive game-changer in how you feel about yourself, and ultimately can give you a boost in all other areas of life.

At By Joy Adenuga, we want to empower individuals of all skin types, colors, and textures to find their beauty on their terms and fuel their creativity in the process. In the ever-changing beauty industry, it can be overwhelming to pick out tools that correlate with your needs.

We understand your dilemma and want nothing more than to present you with a brand made with you in mind, as well as introduce you to beautiful, carefully crafted tools, so you can create a work of art.