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Absolutely brilliant quality

Rolaida Kimanzi

soft bristles and incredible finish. worth trying out and worth keeping.

Thank you!

Cheryl Benjamin
Perfect addition to my brush collection

Love this brush, love this brand. I brought a couple of these brushes now as they are great quality.

Thank you so much!

Game changer!

I've never been a believer in brushes for anything other than eyeshadow and bronzer really, but this brush has opened me up to new possibilities lol. I've always put foundation/tint on with fingers (shh) and never been totally happy with the finish, but say to myself 'I'm not on television, nobody expects it to be perfect'. Not now! It is super soft, which I thought meant ot would soak it all up, but no, holds it nicely and bristles are flex enough to go round my nose and hairline without straying off course. I love it <3<3<3 no more looking like a poorly camouflaged person for me!!

Thank you so much!!

A Elegant Brush

I purchased this early September 2021 before my birthday as one of many treats. I’m writing this review in December as I like to have a long stretch to use any beauty products. This brush is elegantly designed! Application wise the brush head is neatly small I would like for it to be a tad bigger. I have realised for me works excellent with lighter weight foundation it gives a feathery finish when using I love eg; watery runny consistency of Mac face and body. Not so well with more textured thicker creamy liquid foundation-unless I want a heavy coverage which isn’t often. The brush is super soft 10000% and always proud to support a Black business!

Thank you Tichelle